Theatre Productions

"Theaterundpunkt" is the name of the independent theater group from Minden. My first production in German was called Afrika Montage dealing with moment-shots from the present-day life in Africa. About the hopes and dreams of Africans years after independence and the great promises ... of course, accompanied by drums, dancing and singing.

The next production Steinstunde der Menschheit was a little parable about God and the world. Does God live in the church? Did the first humans come from Africa and were they Communists? Why are blacks not white and whites not black? These kind of difficult simple questions are treated by the two actors Guido Meyer and Alois Moyo in the fashion of classic storytelling. The outcome is an amusing but thoughtful play.

2008 Steinstunde Theaterundpunkt Eigenproduktion
Rolle: Herr S.
2007 Afrika Montage Theaterundpunkt Eigenproduktion
Rolle: Afrikaner, Regie: Jü̈rgen Morche
2005 Die Zofen von Jean Genet
Rolle: gnä̈dige Frau, Regie: Jürgen Morche